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24/7, Real-time Remote Access

Real-time remote access to critical process conditions, alerts, control parameters and historical data. Coordinate multiple sites, with multiple team members, with custom alerts for each location. iA3 offers an integrated and secure device monitoring and control system that connects, controls and analyzes local processes. Synchronized with the cloud, our online-analytics dashboard empowers industrial process operators, facility managers, maintenance technicians and engineers with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Manage the process – don’t let the process manage you.

iA3 Solutions

With a full suite of solutions, iA3 has the tools you need to keep your process running smoothly.

Remote Monitoring

Receive insights in an instant with our data stream monitoring platforms. You’ll receive the tailored alerts, graphs, and information you need to quickly take action, or know that no action is needed.


Remote Control

With iA3’s intelligent automation capabilities you’ll have the ability to configure custom processes that can be triggered securely through our cloud connection.


Power Monitoring

Do you know how each component of your process affects your energy cost?  Monitoring power consumption and demands can reveal surprising opportunities for overall power and demand charge reductions.  When iA3 connects people to their processes, everybody wins.


Remote Resets

iA3 has the ability to safely power down and restart your process, helping you to improve uptime and avoid frustrating remote lockouts.


Device Area Networks

Monitor and secure access to your process through the iA3 Device Area Network (DAN). Selecting and issuing permissions for individual sensors, you’re access to IoT will be worry free.


Custom Alerts

The right information, delivered at the right time. Receive custom alerts aligned with your processes control parameters.

iA3 IOT Inbox

Quickly sorting through the noise, highlighting the data that’s important to you, the iA3 edge server connects you with your systems key performance indicators so that you can do what you do best.

Configure graphs of important process data to track trends. Set custom alerts, and your preferences for how often you’d like to receive them.


iA3’s custom mobile application helps operators avoid information overload and do more.

iA3 IoT Mobile Inbox Summary

iA3 EdgeServer in use

Power Generation

Whether you’re generating power and need to communicate with clients across your micro-grid, your worksite is trying to balance it’s demand to reduce peak charges, or you need to reduce the risk to your process equipment caused by brownouts, it all starts with coordinating the different parts of your process. Contact iA3 today to learn more about how we’ve helped other operators find significant savings through power monitoring and optimization.

Water Processing

iA3 was designed with water process operators in mind. Managing multiple remote sites is a formidable challenge for any operator to handle. Customers depend on you for their clean drinking water, and you can depend on iA3 for your monitoring and automation needs.

The world’s population drinks 3.7 billion gallons of water every day.
iA3 is here to help you make that possible.


The iA3 EdgeServer

Partnership Opportunities

If you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer searching for a controls integration solution, a Value Added Reseller  looking for another way to add value, or an investor looking to capitalize on the growing IoT market, iA3 is looking for strategic partnership opportunities.

Contact us today find out how iA3 can bring IoT to your “Things That Matter”.

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