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Connected Anywhere

iA3 uses the latest mobile technology to easily connect the appliance to the cloud, keeping it connected wherever it may be. Wired connections optional.


Easily Scalable

While iA3 comes default with a set number of digital and analog inputs/outputs, any number of iA3 components can be linked together to form one system. This means iA3 can have nearly infinite inputs/outputs.


Customizable Notifications

iA3 can instantly send texts or emails to on call personnel in case of an emergency. All alerts can be customized to accommodate any situation.

The iA3 Solution includes all of the following

  •    The iA3 EdgeServer
  •    Enhanced Cloud Services
  •    Secure Access From Anywhere
  •    Free Installation Consultation and Quote
  •    Complete Data Backup
  •    Hardware Upgrades When Available at no Extra Cost
  •    Technical Assistance
  •    24/7 Connectivity Monitoring

iA3 EdgeServer Specifiations


  •    24V DC (Regulated Power Supply Included)
  •    Internal Ultra Capacitor Backup SystemInternet/Cloud connection:
  •    Cellular or WiredInputs/Outputs
  •    Two Input/Outputs for Alarms/Reset
  •    Ethernet Port for IP Connect to PLC, Sensors, or SwitchConnectivity:
  •    MODBUS, BACnet
  •    most other industrial/automation protocols.


The iA3 EdgeServer system is a foundation for a simple set of sensors or more integration of multiple legacy and new PLC and IoT sensor networks. This means iA3 can have nearly infinite inputs/outputs, but we focus on simpler systems for small to medium enterprises that can get a big benefit from simple sensor and remote access capabilities for their critical processes.

The iA3 local appliance provides a web interface for displaying data and accepting input.

iA3 communicates using the MODBUS Protocol over TCP/IP (or 485/422 IP adapter), enabling the iA3 appliance to easily communicate wired or wirelessly with other devices such as:

  •    Other iA3 boxes
  •    Other SCADA systems
  •    VFDs
  •    digital meters
  •    Any device which supports the MODBUS ProtocolMost other industrial/automation protocols are supported as well. Contact us if your application requires a specific protocol.


  • To provide the best service to iA3 customers, full support is provided by Intelligent Automation, Alerts and Analytics.

    This support package includes:

  •    Technical Assistance
  •    Communications
  •    Cloud Hosting and access
  •    Free hardware/software upgrades as they become available
  •    Complete System Backups
  •    Constant monitoring of operations, from sensor to cloud and back.

  • The iA3 Story

    Why iA3 was created


    David Kranich

    NUS General Manager

    As a water utility service company, Northern Utility Services (NUS) was looking for an affordable SCADA system to implement in small water treatment plants. Many of the utilities NUS serves cannot afford big brand-name SCADA systems. After some thorough research, NUS decided it would take matters into its own hands.
    We felt that there had to be an affordable solution already on the market, but after lots of research we were unable to find anything which matched our needs.

    David Kranich, NUS General Manager

    After several months of research, design, and testing, the first version of what would become iA3 was born. After installing this system in a new water treatment plant, NUS proved affordable SCADA was definitely viable. After another several years of further design and development, NUS has been able to install several more iA3 systems with plans for more in the immediate future.

    In its current form, iA3 is able to compete with or integrate and enhance any brand-name process automation system. Not only is that feat impressive and more than originally hoped for, but offers industrial automation, alerts, and analytics at costs that the mean small to medium size companies can quickly save money in operations and maintenance and get a quick ROI on this system.

    Mark Bolzern, iA3 Project Manager