Energy Monitor – Savings on Peak Demand

We are receiving a lot of interest in monitoring energy usage and reducing peak demand charges.  Peak demand charges can be 1/3 of an electric bill and are based on the one time maximum energy use in ANY 15 minute period during a billing cycle.  If you are a commercial user, you probably are paying a “demand” charge. Your meter is tracking your energy use and keeping a running average of the last 15 minutes and during the billing period determining what the maximum average was in any 15 minutes and that is the basis for your charge for the entire month.  Some energy use perhaps can not be rescheduled, but in many cases there are loads that can be delayed or sequenced with minor adjustments in their schedule to avoid allowing multiple devices to run when ever they want and unnecessarily create a high peak demand.  Simple steps with monitoring and controlling a couple devices can reduce peak demand charges 30%!  Here is an energy monitor built using the Mango system used on our EdgeServer and iA3 Device Control System.