Main use of this Merged calendar is a Busy/Free guide for Appointment setting. With this Merged Calendar, any of us can confidently schedule others on the iA3 staff, as long as we each keep up our own calendars. I encourage also using it to set one’s own private appointments at times when others are busy too, thus maximizing overlapping availability. When you do schedule something for multiple people, make the event modifiable by others, and be sure they also get an “Invite” to the event. If you receive such an invite, please be sure to RSVP ASAP. Because Until one gets the RSVP, one cannot be sure.

If one uses the “+ Google Calendar” link in the lower right hand corner, one gets the option to add them permanently (until removed) to the Google Calendar for the Gmail account one is logged into at the time, with ability to then color code as well as turn on & off the individual calendars to one’s own desires.

Mostly true but not accurate guide: Ed=Purple, Mark=LightGreen, Aldo=DarkGreen, Ky=Mostly browns, but other colors too, including the colors of other people in this list.

Privacy: You will see the details for the items from your own calendar when you are logged into Gmail on your own browser, but not the details from other people’s calendars unless they have given your Gmail ID particular “view” or “edit” permission. View/Edit permissions for others are set in each of your individual calendars. For example, I can only see the details (beyond Busy/Available) for your calendar if the Google ID I am logged into on my browser has that permission. When I log out of my gmail (not just close the window), or use another browser with no Gmail account logged in, all I see is Free/Busy, with no details.

We can also add other people’s Google Calendars to this Merged Calendar if they share their calendars specifically, or have the calendar set for public sharing.